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The mission of Apostleship of the Sea Canada, conjointly with the Diocese of Montreal since 2020, is to visit the ships, offer on board religious services, blessing the seafarers and their cabins, organizing the schedule of our centres, offering support services necessary to the seafarers who experience various difficulties on board.

The program is also looking to establish relations with the seafarer's family, especially in the case of accidental death or suicides to support them in their grief, but also to guide them in order to obtain services and legitimate compensation from the agencies and enterprises.

When a seafarer is hurt and admitted into the hospital, he is visited and supported by volunteers.

All the services are also offered in the center for the seafarers : entertainment installations in the Mariner's House, a WiFi connexion and a phone allowing them to connect with their families, but also a religious service depending on their spiritual needs. 

The apostleship for seafarers is not only available in the established centers, but also in emergency situations in the hospitals and cruise ships across Canada.

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Click on the icon to read the 2018/2019 Activity Report of AoS Canada (ENG/FR)

Click on the icon to read the 2019 Apostleship Report of AoS Canada (ENG)

The Apostleship of the Sea serves seafarers from across the world, regardless of belief, nationality or race. In  ports in Canada our team of chaplains and volunteer ship visitors visit thousands of seafarers each year, meeting their needs through the provision of help, support and advice.



alessandra santopadre

Project manager

514 925-4300 #295

Alessandra Santopadre

Alessandra has been working for 15 years for migrants and refugees around the world : Mozambique, South Africa, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Haiti, Philippines.

Eight years ago, she immigrated to Canada and started working as a pastoral worker in Laval for the Diocese of Montreal.

In January 2016, she started working as a deputy manager in the Office of cultural and ritual communities.


Rév. Andrew T. 


national Director

AOS canada

514 726-7683

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