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for refugee claimants


Le Pont is a housing and services center for refugee claimants who recently arrived in Quebec.

We want to offer vulnerable people (women, single-parent women, families) temporary housing that is safe, family-friendly, rich in services and that encourages the establishment and integration of refugee claimants in Quebec and Canada.

We offer personalized care for each family, and guide them towards the relevant community and government organizations. We make sure that our beneficiaries have access to the adequate administrative  and health services ; have asked for their work permit, found an apartment, enrolled their children in school... that they are generally ready to settle in Quebec.


Here at Le Pont, we do our best to establish a quality of life based on security, community spirit, tolerance and sharing.. all of that with an "at home" feeling! When the families leave our residence, we make sure they have a decent apartment and follow-up on their situation.



I am a refugee claimant

Do you need a room at Le Pont?

Ask your social worker to contact us!

Do not come to Le Pont without an appointment!



I am a social worker

We can accommodate your beneficiaries!

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I want to apply for a job or an internship

We do not have any job or internship offer at this time.

Please consult this page regularly to see our updates!

I want to donate clothes / furniture

Thank you!
We only accept donations of winter boots and coats, and kitchen utensils.

Do not come at Le Pont without a previous appointment.


I want to donate money

You can make a donation on this page.

You can also make a check at the order of CACRM Le Pont.


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I want to volunteer

To volunteer with us, please contact our office to learn more on our programs.

A criminal background check will be required.


MAIN contact


Arthur Durieux

Project manager

514 715-5847

Arthur Durieux


Co-founder and manager of the center Le Pont, Arthur worked as an assistant for the private sponsorship program for refugees from 2015 to 2017. Since June 2017, he has been supervizing the development of Le Pont, its partnerships and fundraising.

Arthur received the award "Social science changes the world 2019" from UQAM for his implication in this project.



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Regina BazalAKE

Deputy Manager

Diane berthiaume

Donations and residence manager

Regina m. Bazalake

Regina a une longue expérience en éducation, direction d'établissement scolaire, activisme, défense des droits de l'homme, et de manière générale d'investissement dans la société civile africaine. 

Impliquée au Pont depuis 2017, Regina s'assure du bien-être et de la sécurité des bénéficiaires en tout temps, et appuie la direction dans l'intervention et l'accueil réservé aux bénéficiaires. 


Diane est spécialisée dans l'accueil et l'intervention psycho-sociale, et est forte de 35 ans d'expérience dans les centres jeunesses. 

Elle dédie aujourd'hui son temps à l'accueil, le soutien et l'aide aux plus démuni·e·s, au plus vulnérables, et offre son intarissable énergie au Pont depuis les premiers balbutiements du projet! D'une générosité et d'un dévouement hors normes, Diane ouvre ses bras et son coeur aux familles du Pont avec qui elle noue des liens d'amitié très forts.

Pierre Binette

Donations and residence manager

Guylaine Bougie

Maintenance Manager


“When I arrived, I was done, I was shut off. But little by little, I was happy, I had guardian angels.” 


—  Name, Title


Emergency community support fund

Thank you to all of our donors for the support offered during the COVID-19 crisis.







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