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The Office for cultural and ritual communities is an office created by the Archdiocese of Montreal to ensure the religious support for migrants and refugees, on the one hand. On the other hand, it aims at promoting, within the christian communities, fraternal relationships and greeting activities, in order to stimulate within the same civil community the understanding and appreciation of their identity in a peaceful environment, the respectful cohabitation, and the respect for human rights.


Its goal is to help the Church of Montreal acknowledging and living with various Catholic cults and traditions, and to discover its ecumenical diversity with respect and dialogue.


We have to remember that the Church is communion, which means accepting the other as he/she is, accepting ourselves, with all our diversities. The inclusion is a movement from one person to another, the communion is a simultaneous and reciprocal movement. It will not damage the quality of faith of the host Church, but will enrich it.


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Cultural and ritual communities



514 925-4300 #309

pr. pierangelo

paternieri c.s.v.é.

Pr. Pierangelo Paternieri c.s.v.é

Padre Pierangelo Paternieri, from the missionaries of Saint Charles Borromeo, Scalabrinian, is a missionary for migrants and refugees. Born in Italy, he studied Philosophy and Theology in Rome. After immigrating to France, he is ordained here in 1979. Fr. Pierangelo Paternieri arrives in Quebec on November 13 of the same year. After many years of work in various parishes of Montreal, and a 5 year parenthesis in Toronto, he joins the Diocese of Montreal where he has been an episcopal vicar and the director of the Office for cultural and ritual communities for 10 years.


Eleana Jaramillo

Deputy manager

514 925-4300

Eleana Jaramillo

Eleana is a psychosocial worker, and a specialist of Human Rights.

After working in the Social pastoral in the Diocese of Montreal, during which she consolidated a continuous partnership with the Office for cultural and ritual communities, she officially joins the team in 2020, where she now works as a pastoral coordinator and volunteer coordinator.


alessandra santopadre

Deputy Manager

514 925-4300 #295

Alessandra Santopadre

Alessandra has been working for 15 years for migrants and refugees around the world : Mozambique, South Africa, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Haiti, Philippines.

Eight years ago, she immigrated to Canada and started working as a pastoral worker in Laval for the Diocese of Montreal.

In January 2016, she started working as a deputy manager in the Office of cultural and ritual communities.

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