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Temporary Agricultural workers


Shortages of workers in the agricultural sector are a known fact, and contractors have been calling on governments for many years to find support and solutions. Hiring immigrant workers has become necessary because the local populations deserted the agricultural jobs to take over other economical fields. 

The Diocese of Montreal has been supporting temporary agricultural workers for 5 years now. In Quebec, around 10 000 workers arrive each year, mostly from Mexico and Guatemala, but also in smaller numbers from Honduras and Peru. 


The main goal from this service of the Diocese of Montreal is to facilitate their integration in a rural and French-speaking environment. The Diocese organizes occasional visits in the farms, and works to reduce the isolation they face during their stay in Quebec. We wish to create bridges between the workers and local populations in order to improve their living conditions, be it at the emotional, social but also employment level.

Each year, we organize a pilgrimage to the Saint-Joseph Oratory with the Latino communities of the Diocese.

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The Diocese of Montreal takes part in an interdiocesan concertation table for immigrant agricultural workers, and is also a member of RATTMAQ, the support network for immigrant agricultural workers of Quebec.

main contact

 temporary agricultural workers


Eleana Jaramillo

Project manager

514 925-4300

Eleana Jaramillo

Eleana is a psychosocial worker, and a specialist of Human Rights.

After working in the Social pastoral in the Diocese of Montreal, during which she consolidated a continuous partnership with the Office for cultural and ritual communities, she officially joins the team in 2020, where she now works as a pastoral coordinator and volunteer coordinator.

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