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Programme de parrainage privé de réfugié·e·s

page spéciale d'information et de prise de position contre la suspension du programme par le mifi

Announcement concerning the suspension of the private sponsorship program - November 2020 

The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) announced on Wednesday, October 28, that they were suspending until November 1, 2021 all engagement requests for the private sponsorship program for refugees, within all organizations of Quebec, throughout all categories, while they investigate.

The reason is that there were allegations of "corruption". We know that this corruption occurred in some organizations, and within sponsors (even courriers). It is not, in any case, a reason to blame ALL organizations, or to present this corruption as inherent to the sponsorship program. Once again, we know that both the sponsors AND the organizations are two pillars, necessary to well being of this program, created for refugee people.

CALL mifi : 1 877 864-9191

prise de position du ROGPRAQ et de la TCRI


MAIN contact

Private Sponsorship for refugees


alessandra santopadre

Project manager

514 925-4300 #295

Alessandra Santopadre

Alessandra has been working for 15 years for migrants and refugees around the world : Mozambique, South Africa, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Haiti, Philippines.

Eight years ago, she immigrated to Canada and started working as a pastoral worker in Laval for the Diocese of Montreal.

In January 2016, she started working as a deputy manager in the Office of cultural and ritual communities.

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